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P A R I S - f r a n c e 

C I T Y  C E N T E R

a f t e r

b e f o r e

this was a full makeover.

an old 19 sqm plus bathroom in the centre of paris. desperately in need of a makeover. the client/owner had a vision and let comunicated it to the team. everything was torn out and replaced even the floor beams.

full sized kitchen  with pale grey doors, brass details, wonderful tile, black stone countertop, open shelves.


dark hardwood floor, sleeping quarters up the stairs with builtin storage, grey walls. very rustic colors but inviting and hugging feeling.

the bathroom was made to an elegant bright space. All walls were straighen up , and we moved everything around to make the most of this tiny space.

this is truly a super elegant apartment. a hidden gem in the centre of this massive city.

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