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Full makeover of a 28 sqm apartment

Rebuild the 28 sqm apartment with focus on the 19sqm kitchen/room.
A full size kitchen

Lots of storage

Dining place for up to 6 people.

A cozy living room.

A walk-in closet. 
A bedroom with a bed size of min 140 x 200 cm.

An indoor stair

Create room in room using wallpaper

My idea.
Kitchen in matt white with opposite benches in stone (total 5,2 m), cupboards all the way up to the ceiling with a total of 21m of shelves.

Dishwasher, wine fridge and everything else a kitchen need.

A semi high wall separating the kitchen from the elevated living room that has lots of storage underneath the floor.
Dining area next to the living room with an expandable table for up to 6 peoples.
A walk-in closet with the bedroom on top and a curved stairs from the living room to get up to the bedroom where you can stand up at the end of the bed.


Champagne white floors, metallic wallpaper mixed with sand toned wallpapers in different pattern and structures.

A super clean design with a fun and unexpected room design. You get a big apartment in a very small area without it feeling crowded and/or small.

This design created different room within the room in different levels to maximize this small area suitable for 1-2 people to live comfortable in a small home.  

I designed the layout and colours but almost no details, as requested. The owner wanted to put his own spin on the home but needed help with the big picture. 

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