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C O M P A N Y   L O B B Y


A new fresh, representative lobby without spending a ton of money.

I made a concept for this lobby in Stockholm. The old was very dark and with a mix of wooden materials, stone and bad lighting.

Just very unattractive when passing by looking in through the huge windows.

This is the main office for the nordic countries and I wanted to give it a very bright and fresh look that last for a long time and not so sensitive to changing in trends. Also using a neutral palett so they easy can change the tone of the lobby depending of the season or holiday.


All walls painted in a warm white with no blue undertones. 
Move the TV screens to the opposite wall from the sitting/waiting area.

Big circles of a white metallic wallpaper as the base to create three clocks with brass indicators. 


Keep the old marble floor of course but put in a big durable grey carpet to define the waiting area


Paint the front desk white and change to white computer screens. Same wallpaper pattern on the front of the flat part of the desk. Keep the grey stone tops. 

A white marble coffee table with brass legs, an off-white sofa for the awaiting guests with two small side tables. 


Keep it simple! Five lamps in random highs hanging in the center of this big space. Mix between white and grey tones of these five lamps.

Floor lamps in matt white. Same model of the lamps on the front desk. 

Decoration light vary with the season and holidays. 

Fill the room with modern green plats in strict concrete pots.

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