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Karin About

My hands always want to embroider. My mind is filled with embroidery. I'm the artist who can never get enough of stitches. The threads are in all my pictures. In my artistic creation, I let the embroidery meet unexpected materials such as letters, postcards, old invoices, tin cans and photographs. I like to take advantage of older textiles, such as embroidered tablecloths, and let them come to life together with my created characters. I draw inspiration for my art from my surroundings - from both events and people I have met, seen or heard of. Transformation and reverse perspectives fascinate me. I question traditional roles, change places high and low and think about the world's absurdities and fun. For me, artistic creation is a wonderful way to evoke thoughts, convey comedy, tragedy, beauty and not least joy through an endless myriad of fantastic little needle stitches.

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