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Daisy Leoni - Passion & Art

I try to capture my zest for life and enthusiasm for artistic creation in all my works of art. Paintings have the wonderful ability to evoke various emotions as well as creating a feeling of harmony. As an artist, I always have fascinating ideas, which I can express in my works in an abstract form.

Painting with passion.

I am often filled with unique ideas in which I am able to express in abstract works of art. It is possible for me to incorporate forms and colours in my abstract paintings.  Each person who views my artwork is able to discover what they like and what resonates with them.  Their eye automatically looks for familiar shapes or structures and leads them to see and discover further meaning within each piece of art.  The interpretations of my pictures differ greatly, and this inspires as well as excites me.

I grew up in Zurich,one of the most versatile and interesting city in Switzerland, in which, during my early school days, the cornerstone of my artistic career was laid. I have taught as a primary school teacher for 13 years, and I have had the privilege of sharing my creativity and ideas in a variety of ways.
In my free time, I love being outdoors in nature. I enjoy being active and always keep an eye out for the beauty that is often unexpectedly offered to us.

Feel free to look around my virtual gallery.  Perhaps one of my paintings will reconnect you with a long-lost memory or long forgotten feeling?

Do you like the style?

I would be happy to create an individual work of art for you according to your wishes.

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