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Complete MAKE OVER, Berne, Switzerland

Full makeover. Turning a 14 sqm room on the ground floor with almost no sunlight into a bright well organised, color cordinated and cohesive dining/living room with a lot of storage. AND one day to put it all together on set.


Color/-s: Purple, grey, white

I made some 3D scetches to show my idea and sent by mail my suggestions of all the big furniture for her to chooses from. After a while I came up with this concept and the process began. I wanted to create a home that will last for many years and really suit the client. Easy to maintain and not to sensitive to the every changing trends. 

I created two rooms in the room by dividing them with a sofa and marked them with two carpets. An extendable dining table at the window for up to 6, sheer white curtains and a sideboard to add to the feeling of being a separate dining place. 

A intimate cozy living room with lots of storage on the wall but also in the coffee table. An amazing carpet in grey, silver, purple and petroleum marks this space. Good lighting. Lots of pillows with different structures. 

To add to this I also gave the empty dark entrance some love. New spotlights, storage and a big mirror. 

This project was a delight. It was a birthday gift from the clients children. She only had to open for the delivery of all the goods but not to open any of the boxes. She left on a Saturday morning and came back home to a new home. During the day me and my little team came and put it all together. 

I gave her the base and now she can personalize it as she likes.



So much fun!!

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