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A small room with a challenging shape and with two different purposes, bedroom and storage. In total 6,5 sqm.


Covering the floor was a very sharp old sisal carpet for outdoors, a simple bed and two cupboards and an old lamp.
Not very cozy and inviting to play in for a 4 yo.

The room was more like a storage place with no actual plan and soul.


My plan was to divide the room into a bedroom and a storage place, create a proper bedroom with a big bed, a place to play and to be very inviting. The storage in the inner part of the room, well hidden but easy to acces. 

I wanted a neutral room, easy to keep clean but functional.


Budget 500€

Execution time: 5h + planning time

I created a 3D projection and inspiration board before ordering everything online except the carpet.

I devided the room with a curtain and also using one of the cupboards to create a bedroom area and a storage area

Deep petroliumblue carpet, lots of white fabrics covering the yellowish walls, high fullsize bed, new lights, and blue/cream/white details.

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